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  Vehicle Identification Number Analyzer  
  Thanks to all the feedback this is now fairly accurate for all 1970 to 2009 Models except Sportsters.  If you find a VIN that returns incorrect info, please use the contact us and send all pertinant details for troubleshooting purposes.  
  Enter 9 or 17 digit VIN       
    Make   Harley Davidson      
  Engine Size   
  Introduction Schedule     
  Security Check Value   
  Model Year     
  Plant of Manufacture     
  Sequence Number     
  Currently supports Pre-Twin Cam engines ONLY  
  Engine Case Number   
    Example 1574-172-055  
  Engine Type   
  Model Year     
  Day of Production     
  Unit Produced that Day       
  This page only breaks down the VIN and displays what each part represents.  This page DOES NOT AND CAN NOT RECORD OR STORE ANY VIN INFORMATION.  The ENTIRE VIN number is required in order to check the Security Value.  Enter a 9 or 17 digit VIN for any HD from 1970 to present.  If the VIN is in a valid format it will be broken down as much as possible and the appropriate information displayed.  Although I have tried to account for many possible errors it is still possible to enter a valid VIN and have it reported as an invalid VIN.  If you feel the information displayed doesn't match what you expected, double check the VIN is entered correctly and has the appropriate number of characters.  This may not be a complete list and may not cover all bikes produced from 1970 to present.  

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